I started my studies (PPL) with Barcelona Flight School, then moved on to get an ATPL, and finally got my Flight Instructor Rating. Barcelona Flight School gave me the opportunity to grow as a pilot working as a Flight and Ground Instructor. I flew there more than 1.500 hours!!! All the training I received was provided by experienced industry professionals, that share the same passion and enthusiasm for aviation. All these factors have given me the opportunity to continue growing in the world of Aviation, flying private/corporate airplanes at first, and currently working as a pilot in Volotea flying a Boeing 717-200 across Europe.

Thank you, Barcelona Flight School!!!

Alejandro Fernández
717 Pilot

It was absolutely a great experience. From my first class as an airline transport pilot student to my last flight as a flight instructor, I have learned about aviation every day in barcelona flight school. Super experienced flight instructors, well maintained airplanes and perfect weather to fly! Thanks for giving me wings to my career.

Marc García
B737 FO

I started flying 24 years ago at Barcelona Flight School. Since then, I have known quite a number of companies, airplanes and flight buddies, but I’ll never forget my first lessons with my instructor there, Andrés Carrilero, and the flights we did onboard EC-DDX!!!

Victor Solé
A320 Captain

My stay at Barcelona Flight School has allowed me to achieve my dream of becoming a Professional Pilot and land a seat in an office with the better views of the world. My experience there as a Groundschool and Flight Instructor, plus Aerobatics Instructor, allowed me to learn and grow as a pilot, essential elements for anyone aspiring to undertake the responsability of this ocupation.

Alex Balcells
A320 Pilot

At Barcelona Flight School you can enjoy aviation at its best and fly many types of aircraft. It allowed me to gain the experience required to get an airline job!

Juli Ruíz
A320 Captain

My experience at Barcelona Flight School was great, from the PPL right to the ATPL. The planes, the facilities and the instructors were 100% focused on my learning process. Everything combined, plus my own effort, gave me the tools to get my actual job flying a Cessna C208B Grand Caravan.

Carlos Palenciano
Pilot, Cessna C208B Grand Caravan

I started in 2001 studying the PPL(A) at Barcelona Flight School with the idea of continuing further with the ATPL(A). Because of the attacks of September 11th, 2001 and the subsequent decline in employment, after completing the PPL I went on to study engineering .

Once I finished the university studies I was flown one day with an R22 helicopter and I decided to study the Helicopter CPL/IR. Then I worked as a helicopter copilot in medical flights and fire-fighting flights, finally in 2011 I became an helicopter Flight Instructor and went to work at Barcelona Flight School.

I’ve been linked to the Aeroclub Barcelona Sabadell for more than 11 years, and now with Barcelona Flight School and I can assure that this school is one of the most serious and professional school that I’ve ever meet.

Oriol Català
Helicopter Flight Instructor FI(H)
Barcelona Flight School

I have spent some great years with Barcelona Flight School and all its people as a Flight Instructor, learning day by day and teaching many friends and students to fly. Thanks to this period at Barcelona Flight School, I was able to gain enough experience to get a pilot job first at an executive aviation company, flying the Beechcraft King Air, and currently at Vueling as an A320 First Officer

Marc Ribes
A320 FO

One could say I was born as a pilot at Barcelona Flight School, it was my gateway to aviation…!

After earning my Pilot license and ratings, I had the chance to work there for eight years amassing 4.000 flight hours that, in the end, were essential to my career, landing me a job in cargo aviation first and aero-taxi later.

Thank you!

Ferrán Ruíz
Pilot & TRI Cessna Citation CJ1
Executive Airlines