The global airline industry continues to grow rapidly due to economic, technological, and demographic changes. As a result, it has been estimated that in the next 20 years the industry will need to find an additional 558,000 new commercial airline pilots to sustain itself.


This is the main conclusion drawn by the Insurance Broker and Risk Management firm Marsh, in their latest report about the future of the Airline industry and aerospace sector, entitled “Overcoming the Pilot Shortage: Employee Benefits Can Prove to Be a Differentiator for Airlines Looking to Attract Talent“.

According to this report, Airlines wanting to keep pace with the passenger market growth will need to become more attractive for prospect pilots in order to reach and maintain adequate technical crew staffing levels in the coming years.

In line with Boeing predictions, the study signals that more than half a million new pilots will be needed to be hired by the Airlines in the next 20 years to meet the demand for technically proficient and qualified personnel that the growing markets and increasingly higher number of pilots retiring will yield.

This is more than four times the total number of existing Commercial Pilots in the world today. In fact, 76% of the Airlines have expressed their intention to hire fresh pilots, and open new pilot positions already in 2017.

The main demand drivers by region will be Asia Pacific, with a shortage of 226.000 pilots, Europe and North America, needing 95.000 pilots each, and then Middle East (60.000 pilots), Latin America (47.000 pilots), Africa (18.000 pilots) and CIS (17.000 pilots).

Airlines are taking the shortages more seriously, with many looking to training programmes to help solve their future needs.

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