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Over the last few years, we have witnessed the starting of the uprise in the pilot hiring curve, in line with the predictions of an impending pilot shortage that will happen over the next 2 decades.

Delivery of new commercial airplanes by the manufacturers is achieving record numbers year after year, and the airlines need a steady flow of new pilots to keep them aloft.

This is good news for our instructors and students, that will see how they are welcomed at the LCC and traditional carriers as they strive to enroll enough pilots to sustain the growth forecasted for the upcoming years.

This rise in pilot job offer postings has been steady over the last years, but has been really jumping since last summer season, and there are already signs of an impending war between airlines to lure in the most experienced pilots with big bonus, and effectively opening up new slots in the base of the ladder for new pilots coming out fresh of school.

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In order to fill current and future job openings for pilots, Vueling launches a new First Officers recruitment process in its national and European bases. The Company will hire new pilots that will join Vueling for the upcoming growth period.


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