Three airports and two bases at your disposal

The landing fees at our airports are much lower than the regular GA and training fees charged at the AENA (the spanish main airport network) airports such as Málaga, Jerez or Seville, thus providing great savings that are finally passed onto our students.


Barcelona Flight School operations take place at two main Bases (Sabadell and La Cerdanya) plus a third relieve airport at La Seu d’Urgell-Andorra, located one hour apart each one. This configuration provides an excellent set-up to distribute training flights depending on factors such as load or weather.

Barcelona Flight School is by far the largest operator in Sabadell Airport (ICAO:LELL), and is the Airport Manager and sole school operator at La Cerdanya Aerodrome (ICAO:LECD). La Seu d’Urgell-Andorra Airport (ICAO:LESU), also operated by the school provides a third location perfectly suited for cross-country flights and aerobatic/unusual attitude training.


The Headquarter & Training Campus of Barcelona Flight School is located at the Sabadell Airport, a port-of-entry aerodrome located 25km from Barcelona, very well communicated by train, bus or highway with the city and the surroundings.

Photo credit: J.Todó/TAVISA

Photo credit: J.Todó/TAVISA

The Flight Operation office is located at the main building, along with classrooms and meeting rooms. It is also where our Restaurant is located, with a beautiful terrace right across the runway.

The Flight Training Building, located in front of the main building, is a modern structure of recent construction designed to house the greatly expanded Ground School, the new Instructors Office and associated facilities, the Simulator Area and the Auditory.

Such a big fleet as the Barcelona Flight School has, needs a lot of Hangar space. The school occupies the entire R2 ramp at the airport with a row of 12 hangars, plus 2 more hangars at R1 platform. Both platforms are located less than 200 meters either side of the main Building and the Restaurant, with all the planes standing within walking distance.


The size of our operation at La Cerdanya has grown exponentially in the last 5 years since Barcelona Flight School became the Airport Manager and the only Flight Training operator of the aerodrome. La Cerdanya is also the main Base of the school for Ultralight (ULM) and Glider training.

Other facilities at La Cerdanya include a Bar-Restaurant with exterior terrace and pool by the runway.


With a 1.300m runway and 80.000 sq. m. of platform, this airport has received significant public investment from the local government and that of Andorra to become a Commercial Airport serving the Andorra-Pyrenées area with commuter-class airplanes up to 50 pax.

Barcelona Flight School has a privileged position at La Seu-Andorra (LESU) and greatly benefits from this expansion, since will provide a real-world, controlled airspace environment where our flight students can train and become used to operational and commercial procedures.