Build experience while you train fellow pilots

The Flight Instructor (FI) course is the first and easier way to add flight experience to your logbook before applying to an Airline.

Get your career started

Flight instruction can be an entry job into aviation, looking for transition to the airlines, or become a long-term job if your vocation is Aviation training.

Time building

As a Flight Instructor, you will build in short time a big amount of experience in your logbook, saving you a lot of money.


The purpose of this course is to train instructors to provide instruction in the “Advanced UPRT” course in accordance with FCL.745.A using competency-based training.

Taking a job of Flight Instructor at a Flight School is one of the best ways possible to build hours while training other pilots, and consolidate your flying skills in an entry job into aviation that will, at the same time, allow you to stay connected to the Airline Pilot job market.

If you are looking for a job in a flight school to build flight time as a Flight Instructor this course is for you.


The theoretical knowledge instruction will be 8 hours

Total flight instruction time will be 3:45 hours


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About Barcelona Flight School

Barcelona Flight School is an Authorized Training Organization by the Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea under EASA Part-FCL with the ATO number E-ATO-037 with over 60 years of experience providing flight training to future pilots.

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