The right choice for the serious student

No other single school in Spain has the same experience training future pilots than Barcelona Flight School. This fact, paired with exceptional weather and an excellent aircraft fleet and instructor team, makes our school the right choice for any serious student.


At Barcelona Flight School, we strive to provide our students with the best quality training possible, since this will make the difference between success and failure later on their career. Airlines always look for the best trained applicants, and will test and value their actual knowledge, skills and flight standards before committing to a new hire.

This is why we take your education and training very seriously, and will prepare you not only to pass your exams and flight reviews, but also to let you achieve an excellence level high enough to make sure that you have the maximum opportunities when it comes to applying for a line job.

Our values come down to maintain, above everything else, our:


  1. Safety & Operational Excellence

  2. High Quality Training

  3. Flexibility


Our training programmes are certified under the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part-FCL Regulations, and are designed to help our student pilots to achieve and demonstrate the required Learning Objectives and Flight Experience in the minimum timespan needed, while maximizing their employment opportunities with the airlines.

Barcelona Flight School is certified by the spanish EASA representative, the Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea (AESA), as an Aviation Training Organization (ATO) with the number E-ATO-037.


Barcelona Flight School is by far the largest operator at Sabadell Airport, the Barcelona’s natural Business and General Aviation airport, and entirely operates La Cerdanya Airport, managing and effectively providing airport services for the Academy base but also to a large number of transient planes that come to enjoy the incredible landscape and scenery of the location and its region.

With a large fleet of more of 40 planes, most of them equipped with Digital Glass Cockpits, and our own Maintenance & Repair shop, your training rests assured with us. Our professional and very experienced Theoretical and Flight Instructors will always help you move forward in your education plan.

Barcelona Flight School also is part of Barcelona Aviation Center, where it is possible to engage in other aeronautical activities like Aerobatic Flight, Gliding and Ultraligths.


Enjoy living in Barcelona, one of the best cities of the world, while you learn. Working hard to earn your future career as a pilot doesn’t mean you can’t take a break to enjoy the beaches or the theatres at the vibrant capital city of Catalonia. In fact, no other city in the world can offer such a combination of flying conditions and convenience for the student:

  • Awesome weather – you will fly more days
  • Good transport and communications – for the international student
  • International, global attitude – you’ll feel at home
  • Fine culture, spectacles and gastronomy – to take a break
  • Above average quality of life – focus on your training

Barcelona Flight School, has pioneered pilot training in Spain, providing aviation training since 1.953. Since its very beginning, our school has trained more than 4.000 pilots and is active at all times promoting all kind of aviation courses, whether they are for ab-initio pilot training or for recurrent and skills training.

  • We are currently recognized by EASA as an ATO (Aviation Training Organization) with the number E-ATO-037.
  • Since Sep 15, 2011 our Aviation Academy is recognized by EASA as a Training Organization for both Modular and Integrated Airline Transport Pilot ATPL(A) courses.
  • Since Jul 14, 2011 we are authorized to train future pilots towards Modular Commercial Pilot License CPL(A)
  • Since Aug 13, 2010 we are authorized to impart Cabin Crew training.
  • Since Dec 10, 2009 we are also TRTO-H (Type Rating Training Organisation) to endorse applicants towards Robinson Helicopters model R22 and R44 type ratings.
  • Since Apr 14, 2009 we have been authorized as a Flight School and Flight Center for Ultralights.
  • Since Nov 7, 2001, we have also been recognized by EASA as an FTO (Flight Training Organisation) with the number E-FTO-020 authorized to impart ground school and flight training to training candidates towards PPL (A) licenses and modular courses to obtain the Instrument Rating IR(A) and Multiengine Rating ME(A), according to JAR-FCL 1.055 regulations.
  • Since Feb 20, 1999 we have been certificated as a Flight School and Flight Center for gliders in our base at La Cerdanya Aerodrome.
  • Since Nov 10, 1.953 we are certified by as a training center for Aircraft Private Pilot (PPL-A) training, Helicopter Private Pilot (PPL-H) training and Glider Pilot training.