Theoretical knowledge for your Helicopter ATP License

The objective of the Helicopter ATPL Theory course is to train helicopter pilots in order to attain all the Learning Objectives necessary to obtain an Airline Transport Pilot license required to undertake its professional activity in helicopter airline companies.

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The objective of the Helicopter ATPL Theoretical Knowledge (HATK) Course is to train pilots who wish to obtain the necessary theoretical knowledge to pursue a career as an Helicopter Air Transport Pilot.

This course encompass all the theory subjects required to obtain an Air Transport Pilot License (ATPL) for Helicopter pilots, and is typically taken as one of the first modules within a modular Helicopter ATPL Programme.


The Theoretical Course is composed of 550 hours of classroom for students already holding an Helicopter Private Pilot License PPL(H), taking approximately 40 weeks, or 305 hours and approximately 23 weeks for students already holding an Helicopter Commercial Pilot License CPL(H), with the following syllabus:

  • Air Law
  • Performances & Flight Planning
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Operational Procedures
  • Principles of Flight
  • Human Factors
  • Navigation
  • Communications
  • Meteorology

The approximate duration of the course is of 40 weeks for students holding a PPL(H) or 23 weeks for students already holding a CPL(H)


Applicants must comply with the following:

  • To hold an Helicopter Commercial Pilot License or Private Pilot License (PPL-H or CPL-H)
  • High School diploma or alternatively to demonstrate you can fully understand the content of the course and the successful completion of an examination of knowledge in Mathematics, Physics and English.
  • To be at least 18 years old.


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