The last step before operating an airliner

The Multicrew Cooperation Course is a required training course before moving forward to obtain a Type Rating for a multi-crew airplane (airplanes certified for two-pilot minimum crew required).

Learn to fly like in the Airlines

The MCC is a required course to fly in a multicrew environment, such as any airliner or most of mid to large size business jets

Practice in an airliner FFS

You will gain a lot of experience by learning how to operate a real-life airliner in a certified Full-Flight Simulator (FFS)


This course will allow the student to operate in a flight environment where the crew works as a team of cooperating members led by the pilot­-in-­command (PIC). The course is taken in a real-life, last generation airliner FFS simulator usually used by Airline crews for recurrent training.

Learn how to cooperate and work as a team with a fellow pilot, in order to carry out the operation with safety and excellence


The course is composed of 15 theory sessions, and a qualifying theoretical exam.

The hands-on part of the course is done in a Full-flight Airbus A320 simulator (FFS). The course consists in 20 hours at the simulator, flown in different sessions in the course of two weeks and in tandem with another student.


The approximate duration of the course is 2 weeks, allowing the student to complete the ground school and simulator training simultaneously.


Applicants must comply with the following:

  • Passed ATPL theoretical exams
  • Current Class I Medical certificate
  • CPL/ME/IR flight phases completed


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