The purpose of the MCC-I (A) FCL Instructor Qualification course is to achieve the necessary level of expertise as described in the FCL.930.MCCI, AMC 1 FCL.930.MCCI, to obtain the Attributions and conditions described in the FCL .905.MCCI and FCL910.MCCI. Although this Manual should also serve as a guide for the revalidation or renewal of holders of the MCC-I rating as established in FCL.940.MCCI.


The structure of the course consists of a Theoretical Phase and a Synthetic Flight Phase

  • Teaching and learning methods
  • Threat and error management
  • Unwanted airplane positions
  • Human Error / Human Error
  • Decision making
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Boeing 737-800 Technical Summary
  • Checklists
  • Procedure triggers
  • Share tasks
  • Standard operations
  • Procedures to avoid meteorological threats
  • Situational awareness
  • Distractions

FCL930.MCCI requires training and simulator training to be at least 3 hours.

This training would include the MCC-I Proficiency Assessment. As provided above, students will be trained in SFT acting as instructors and being supervised by a TRI during the SFT sessions of students in MCC and / or MCC.APS training and as cited in the MCC and MCC.APS manual of this same ATO school. See manual MCC and MCC.APS part 3 and 3.1 of the same to see in detail the Lesson Plans that this student-instructor must follow as appropriate. Since students in an MCC or APS MCC training course will have sessions of at least 4 hours SFT with 1 hour of pre-briefing and 1 hour more of post-briefing, it will be appropriate that the student-instructors in MCC-I training have to instruct the full session of these students, for which the student instructors would receive two sessions of 4 hours each of SFT plus 4 full hours of supervised Post- and Prebriefing’s. In the event that at the time of SFT instruction an MCC course is not underway, “dummy” students from the simulator will be used to be instructed by the student-instructors. The aforementioned “fictitious” students will preferably be students of the school


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