The direct track to your Airline Pilot career

This programme will get you to an ATPL through what is commonly called the Integrated pathway. This means that all your training, from zero to obtaining your license, is structured in a single course, divided in different phases but designed as a whole entity. This way you can start flying early in your training in combination with your ground school.

Frozen ATPL

After completing the course, you will obtain a Frozen ATPL licence plus MCC

Fast tournaround

The fastest option to get your ATPL, typically in under 18 months

Combine study with flight

In the Integrated course, you’ll be allowed to start your Flight training well before completing all your classroom.

From zero to ATPL

An ab-initio course means that you don’t need any previous flight experience


The Airline Pilot Programme is an integrated Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL) course completed with an APS MCC (FNTPII B737-800NG) course taken in an Airbus A320 FMS (Full Motion Simulator). It is addressed towards those who are really serious about getting an Airline job.

This programme is an ab-initio course addressed to all those future pilots that wish to obtain the CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence) with the ME-IR (Multi-engine Instrument) rating, along with the theoretical knowledge required for an ATPL Licence (commonly called a frozen ATPL).

Also within the programme, the student will complete the MCC (Multi-Crew Coordination) training required to act as an FO (First Officer) in multi-pilot transport category aircraft, essential in order to be employed by an Airline.

As an Airline Pilot Programme active student you also have exclusive access to a number of options designed to make this course your safest investment, helping you to overcome all the hurdles of aeronautical training while preparing you to be ready for an airline interview in the shortest possible time span.

  • Online learning material with included Ipad.
  • Maximum flight line availability
  • Aerobatic (advanced UPRT) training
  • Intensive support through tutored self-study classes

You will be eligible to work as a First Officer with an airline once specific aircraft type training has been completed


Ground training is composed of 900 hours of ground school, and lasts for a minimum of 66 weeks including all EASA ATPL subjects and MCC theory.

The course structure is composed of the following syllabus and study break down by subject:

  • Air Law
  • AGK-Airframe/Systems/Poweplant
  • AGK – Instruments
  • Mass & Balance
  • Performance
  • Flight Planning
  • Human Peformances and Limitations
  • Meteorology
  • General Navigation
  • Radio Navigation
  • Operational Procedures
  • Principles of Flight
  • VFR & IFR Communications
  • Area KSA

Once the ground school is completed and the internal mandatory validation tests of each subject are successfully met, the student will be presented to the official EASA examination tests that will credit the trainee towards the theoretical knowledge required to obtain an ATP license.

Flight training comprises 230 hours of flight instruction and is broken down into 3 phases that go along with the student progression in their education, according the course structure.

  • 95h VFR
  • 95h IFR
  • 40h APS MCC (FNTPII B737-800NG)

Students will start to fly approximately after 6 months into the course, and the flight training phase will last until the course ends.

The future pilot will fly with up to 5 aircraft types: C152 or P92, C172R-S, P2006T, FNTPII P2006T and FNTPII B737-800NG. Single-engine or multi-engine, basic or complex, being the most convenient to help the student successfully cope with each phase of flight as it progresses.

Towards the end of your training, you are entitled to undertake a Multi-Crew Coordination Course for up to 20 flight hours in a 737-800 NG simulator usually used by airline crews for their recurrent training. This will provide the required knowledge and experience to fly in a multi-crew environment, which is a pre-requisite for any airline interview.


The duration of the theoretical course is around 10-12 months, progressing along with the ground school, flight instruction and APS MCC (FNTPII B737-800NG) stages, and the typical duration of the entire Programme is about 18-24 months.


Applicants must comply with the following:

  • Being over 18 years old
  • Being able to pass a Class 1 Pilot Medical Exam
  • Pass Pre-Assessment STEM, cognitive skills and english


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