Learn to fly and be proficient under IFR

The Instrument Rating course objective is to achieve the learning requisites of ground school and flight instruction, expertise, and experience required in order to obtain the Instrument class rating in a single-engine aircraft type (IR), or a single-engine aircraft type (IR/SE).


The IR (A) flight modular course purpose is to train pilots up to the proficiency level to operate in IFR aircraft and in IMC

Flying safely under Instrumental Flight Rules, during bad weather or night operations, is an essential skill that every professional pilot must demonstrate to be able to fly in a highly coordinated system.


The approved modular IR (A) course will consist of at least 150 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction.

It will include at least 50 hours under instruction, of which up to 20 may be ground instruction time, in FNPT I, or up to 35 hours in an FFS or FNPT II.


Applicants must comply with the following:

  • The student must be in possession of a current PPL(A) or CPL(A) license.


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