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There are some basic steps that you have to follow in order to become a new Barcelona Flight School student:

  • Contact us, and based on your conditions we’ll provide an assessment of your particular needs and choice of course.
  • Complete and submit your application.
  • Pass a medical exam at an approved AME/AMC (Aeronautical Medical Examinator / Aeronautical Medical Center).
  • Pass an entry exam in physics and mathematics.
  • Pass an English exam (all our courses are given 100% in English).
  • Meet the financial entry requirements.

Once you have successfully met the above requirements, you will be entitled to become a new BFS student in the class appointed, and you will receive all the classroom material and equipment included in the course.


In order to correctly process your application, you will need to provide the following documentation:

  • Copy of your ID and passport
  • Certification or diploma of the highest level of education achieved

If you are pursuing a Commercial Pilot (CPL) or Air Transport Pilot (ATPL) license, it is mandatory to pass a medical examination and obtain a Class 1 Medical Certificate. For a Private Pilot (PPL) license, you’ll need to obtain a Class 2 certificate. If you plan to pass your medical examination upon your arrival in Barcelona, ask us for assistance.

Otherwise, you can find here a complete list of all the accredited Aeronautical Medical Centers (AMC) in Spain and much more information from AESA (Agencia Española de Seguridad Aérea) in spanish.


Students are required to self-sponsor the cost of the training. No grants or scholarships are currently available from Barcelona Flight School. In case of need, please, contact us about the possibilities of financing arrangements available (only for Spanish students) with third-party financial companies.

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